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The Types of Pipe Connection

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1. The hoop connection of galvanized steel pipe

(1) Features

Before galvanized steel pipes being connected, special grooves shall be used to open standard grooves on the steel pipe circumference. The galvanized steel pipe can roll out the grooves on the steel pipe by the way of grooving, and the thick wall steel pipes can be slotted in the slot way.


The use of hoop connection can effectively save labor time and improve work efficiency, especially in large diameter pipes. The installation speed of hoop connection is 2-3 times faster than that of traditional connection mode, which can save power and reduce environmental pollution. And it is simple to operate and convenient to maintain.


The weight of groove tube joint is small. This connection mode needs only two fastening bolts, with no need to install sealing pad. And there is no special requirements on installation. Meanwhile, this kind of connection can maximize the protection of galvanized layer and prolong the service life of the pipeline. The groove type pipe joint is not required to be welded. It will not cause damage to equipment and valves in the pipeline because of welding slag. It will not cause fire caused by the slag splashing either.


The hoop connection can isolate vibration. The rubber ring in the groove tube joint can block the noise. And it can prevent vibration transmission. Flexible pipe card and rigid pipe card are often used. The flexible pipe card connection way makes the system flexible and allows a certain angle deviation and relative dislocation on the steel pipe. After the steel pipe is connected, the gap between two ends can be adapted to the expansion and contraction of the pipeline. The pipe can maintain normal working pressure under the condition of maximum allowable deflection and misalignment. So flexible pipe clamp has the ability to bear certain end load. The rigid pipe card connection makes the system inactive, and the pipe card can form rigid body with the steel pipe. When the span is large, the pipe depends on its own rigid connection. The groove type pipe joint can be connected with any pipe except the metal pipe.


The hoop connection needs less capital investment because the price of special equipment is low. At present, most manufacturers provide the installation equipment for users free of charge. The hoop connection does not need equipment investment and can be installed on the site to guide users. No special jobs are required and general jobs can be installed.


(2) Range

The hoop connection of galvanized steel pipe can be widely used in heat exchange, air conditioning water system, fire control system, water supply pipe engineering and chemical system, etc. It can also be used to connect steel pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, inner coated steel pipe, ductile cast iron pipe, seamless steel tube, thick wall plastic pipe, and flexible hose with steel connection head.


2. The connection mode of cast iron pipe

The connection mode between tubes adopts the form of socket or flange plate. According to the function, it can be divided into two kinds: the flexible interface and the rigid one. The flexible interface is sealed with rubber ring, which allows a certain limit of angle and displacement. Therefore, it has good shock resistance and sealing property. It is easier to install than rigid interface, and the labor intensity is small according to the different casting methods.


3. The connection mode of PVC water supply pipe (Amazon plastics)

(1) Card sleeve connection

The method of card sleeve connection is very simple. A simple spanner is required only. After installation, it is easy to repair if there is water leakage. It is necessary to tighten the nut but you do not need to dismantle the PPR pipe.


(2) Welding method

The welding method is divided into tin welding and copper welding. The main difference between welding and the card sleeve connection is that the filler material used is different.


4. The connection mode PVC-U drainage pipe

The connection way of PVC drain pipe mainly includes 3 kinds, namely sealing aprons, bonding and flange connection.

The PVC drain pipe with diameter greater than or equal to 100 mm usually adopts apron interface. PVC pipe with diameter less than 100 mm usually uses adhesive joints or some live joints. And metal pipe is usually used when crossing sewers or other pipes. At this time, the plastic pipes and metal pipes are connected with flanges. The front and back of the valve and the pipe is also connected with flanges.

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