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Do you know how many kinds of drainage pipe fittings are available?

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When using PVC drain pipes, considering the different house structures, it is necessary to use some PVC drainage joints with different structures to change the direction of the pipes for easy construction. Different joints have different functions, such as the downstream pipe fittings, the waste pipe fittings and the corrugated pipe fittings. The drain pipe bending connection and change the direction of the pipes. The PVC pipe fittings coupled from one component to another can connect PVC pipes for drainage to pipes, pipes to fittings, and even connectors, permanently. In addition, there are many types of the PVC drain pipe joints. This article will introduce the different kinds of the drainage pipe coupling.


  • What is PVC drain pipe coupling?

  • How many drainage pipe fittings with different sizes are available?

  • How many drainage pipe joints with different appearance are available?


What is PVC drain pipe coupling?

The drain pipe joints is a common mode of transportation for hot and cold drinking water, sewage and drainage systems in construction field. With its light weight, high compressive strength and strong corrosion resistance, PVC pipe fittings are welcomed by the engineering community. However, only by connecting them with PVC drain pipe coupling can they serve a broader purpose. Therefore, I will introduce some different kinds of drain pipe coupling to help you better understand these joints. Next, we will introduce the drainage pipe fittings in terms of size and appearance.


How many drainage pipe fittings with different sizes are available?

16mm, 20mm, 40mm, 50mm and 110mm are the common specification of PVC drain pipe coupling which refer to pipe diameter. Among them, pipe diameters with 16mm and 20mm are for conduit, 40mm and 50mm are for sewer while 110mm is used for the main water pipe and toilet water.

The price of drain pipe joints of different specifications is also different. Generally, the price of 50mm specifications is about 1.5 yuan. Of course, the higher the specification is, the higher the price will be. Because it is a commonly used material, it must be acceptable to the public and not too expensive.


How many drainage pipe joints with different appearance are available?

There are five main kinds of PVC drain pipe coupling from the terms of appearance.

1. 45 degree elbow

PVC pipes for drainage with 45 degree elbows are used for changing the direction of the pipe between main and branch pipes. The connection modes of PVC 45 degree elbow and pipeline include direct welding, flange connection, hot melt connection, electric melt connection, threaded connection and socket connection.

2. 90 degree elbow

90 degree elbows are also used for changing the direction by connecting two PVC drain pipes of the same or different nominal diameters to make the pipes rotate at different degrees of 90 degrees.

3. Shunshui tee

Shunshui tee is a kind of pipe fittings in drainage pipeline, which is used for vertical connection of branch pipe and main pipe. The commonly used three-way downstream PVC, small radian is to make the branch water flow smoothly to the main pipe.

4. Four connections

Four connections known as quadruple joint or quadruple joint, quadruple joint for main branch are a kind of PVC pipe fittings used in branch of pipeline.

5. Coupling

The coupling is a short piece of pipe used to connect two drain pipe coupling. PVC pipe coupling is also called external joint. It is widely used in civil construction, industry, agriculture and other fields.


The above is the summary of different kinds of drainage pipe fittings. Only if you understand it can you select and use it better.

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