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Types and meanings of pipe tee

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Pipe tee uses for connecting pipes and pipe fittings. There are usually PVC pipe tee, copper tee and so on. Also known as pipe fittings tee, tee joints, used in the main pipeline to branch pipe. PVC pipe tee has equal and reducing difference, the diameter of the equal tee is the same size, and the size of the branch pipe tee is smaller than the size of the pipe tee in charge of the main pipe. Pipe tee is widely used to transport liquid, gas pipe network, in use is generally an import, two exports; or two imports, an export. For three identical or different pipelines, the main role is to change the direction of the fluid.

Sorted by diameter:

1. Equal tee: the same branch and branch diameter of the three links

2. Reducing tee: branch pipe diameter is less than the main pipe diameter of the three links

Sorted by docking

1. Socket tee: that is, the three way is socket connector, the tube inserted and then tighten the tee.

2. Threaded tee: the three way is thread connector.

Sort by material

It can be divided into stainless steel tee, carbon steel tee, copper tee, PVC tee, ductile iron tee and so on.

Sorted by branch form

1. Equal tee: that is, the branch side is vertical to the main side.

2. Y tee: the branch and the main has a certain angle of the tee.

In the residential water supply and drainage system, PVC tee plays a very important role; for example, in the water supply pipe fittings, it plays a branch role; in the drainage system such as shower room, washbasin, toilet, floor drain, it plays a confluence role.

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