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Use PVC pipe fittings connected in different pipes

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PVC pipe fittings are widely used in residential and commercial buildings. PVC pipe is light in weight and easy to use. It can handle temperature and pressure changes well and resists decay and corrosion. And the piping system not only needs straight pipes, but also requires such pipe fittings to connect to form a system. Here are the PVC pipe fittings that are connected in different pipes.

Main point:

Different types of PVC pipe fittings

Connection accessories and connection methods

In conclusion


Different types of PVC pipe fittings


l  Elbow

The elbow is mounted between the two sections of pipe to change direction, typically 45 or 90 degrees.


l  T connector

The T sections are so named because they are shaped like the letter "T". They are used to make right angle joints or connections, the most common being to create a right angle branch to run a 'straight tube'. The connection is made by cutting the "way" and inserting the top portion of the "T" joint into the gap and then inserting the branch tube into the leg of the "T". When using a "T" connector, the outside diameter of the insertion tube must be the same as the inner diameter of the "T" connector.


l  Coupler

The coupler is used to connect two tubes. Couplers are usually connected to pipes of the same size, but you can "reduce couplers" so you can have two pipes with slightly different diameters.The reduction should not exceed 1/4" because changing the internal dimensions of the pipe will result in a pressure differential between the larger and smaller diameter pipes.


l  Plug and cap

The plug is designed to prevent water from flowing through the pipe. The plug can be threaded on the outside and then screwed directly into the threaded inside of the pipe or unthreaded (called a slipper). The spool is cemented to the open end of the pipe section. The cap provides a similar function to block and prevent water flow, except that a cap fits exactly at the end of a length of tubing. Similar to a plug, the cap can be threaded or non-threaded. The threaded caps can be simply unscrewed to disassemble them, but since a non-threaded cap is stuck, the underlying pipe must be cut to remove it.


l  Hybridization

As the name implies, the shape of the cross is like a cross or a "plus sign." They are used to transport water from a single source of water to pipes in different directions. The cross is usually glued together, not threaded.


Connection accessories and connection methods


Cemented PVC pipe fittings are more appropriately referred to as "solvent welding" because the pipe and fittings are connected together by a solvent. The solvent completely melts the plastic on the pipe and the pipe. When the solvent evaporates, a solid plastic bond is produced. .


Joining PVC is a three-step process. The first step is to clean the inside and outside of the pipes and fittings to ensure they are free of dirt or grease. Next, apply a primer (purple primer) to the area to be joined, and finally apply a primer. Polyvinyl chloride is coated with cement on the primer.Push the tubes together and turn the tube a quarter to ensure a uniform cement distribution.


In conclusion


Choose the different types of PVC tubing according to the way you want to connect, then connect them with other accessories for PVC-specific connections, and finally use them in your building to provide convenient functions for your building.A proper connection can make the best use, so don't ignore the importance of PVC pipe fitting.

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