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What Are The PVC Pipe Elbow Fittings Angle Degree

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Thank you for your interest in our website. Have you ever encountered such a situation? When installing PVC pipe fittings, especially when installing elbow pipes, it may be difficult to fit between the pipes. This is because the angle of the PVC pipe elbow fitting is not suitable. The next article will solve the problem of the angle of the PVC pipe elbow fittings degrees.


What are the PVC pipe elbow fittings angle degrees:

1. The connection between elbow and pipe should be glued with special glue or adhesive.

2. The elbow angle of PVC pipe fittings has 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, U type and S type, and adopts rigid PVC or PVC-U pipes.

3. 90 and 45 degrees are used for drainage. U and S are mostly used for storing water and separating odour.

4. Application of elbow: 90 degrees and 45 degrees are applied to pipe ends turning. The actual work experience shows that the 90 degree elbow occupies small space, the circulation effect and the impact force are greater; the 45 degree elbow occupies large space, but the circulation effect is good, if the space position is large, it is suggested that the 45 degree elbow butt into the large arc curve. The U, S and P water storage curves are all water retaining and odorizing functions. For example, the kitchen sink is drained with S type water storage bend, and the urinal drain is connected with the P type storage water bend. The washbasin drainage is often connected with the U type storage water bend. No matter what kind of water storage elbow it is, it can achieve good odor isolation effect as long as the water level is kept.

5. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the project of changing the pipe in the house. The drop of the water in the pool must be enough, otherwise it is easy to cause the slow drainage of the toilet, and it is easy to plug the fault for a long time.


PVC pipe fittings have the following characteristics:

1. Fluid resistance is small: the tube wall of PVC-U pipe is very smooth, the resistance to the fluid is very small, its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, its water transport capacity can be increased by 20% than the same pipe diameter cast iron pipe, and 40% higher than that of the concrete pipe.

2. It has better tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes.

3. Has good water tightness: the installation of PVC-U pipes, regardless of whether they are bonded or rubber rings, have good watertightness.

4. Corrosion resistance, good resistance character: PVC-U pipe has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not affected by moisture and soil pH, without any antiseptic treatment in pipeline laying.

5. Performance test: curing time, shrinkage rate, splitting strength, tensile property, peel strength, thermal stability, application period, storage period, release of harmful substances.

6. Bite: PVC-U tube is not a nutrient source, so it will not be eroded by rodents. According to the experiments conducted by the National Health Foundation in Michigan, rats do not bite PVC-U pipes.


I believe this article can help you solve the problem of the PVC pipe elbow fittings degrees. If you still have a place that you don't understand, you are welcome to consult us. You can visit our website for more information at any time.

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